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@Djpdogg #Inthemix Season 14 Episode 9

@Djpdogg #Inthemix Season 14 Episode 9

Dj Pdogg

Published on: 2-8-18

My goal is to bring you guys entertaining education on the music business and I know that this episode will deliver. I have the creator of my #1 sponsor GAC Mr. Greg Cates with me today. He will talk about GAC and his time in the music business from working with Yo Gotti to Dj Pdogg!!!! We have a very interesting conversation and in order to get the extras and see some of Gregs work you will need to go to www.djpdogg.com/podcast to see this episode.

 I also talk about my upcoming Birthday+You will get the first tease of whats coming up with March Music Madness.

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Check out the artwork below. This is what Greg did for Yo Gotti Artist Plain Jaymes. ::GRAPHIC CONTENT::