DJ B-Eley, based in the "Bull City" Durham, NC, was born into a family deeply involved in the world of entertainment, following in the footsteps of his disc jockey father. 

His musical journey began during his upbringing, and his passion for diverse music genres grew as he pursued trombone playing through high school and college. 

With over 16 years of professional DJ experience, DJ B-Eley thrives on curating memorable soundtracks for a wide array of events, ranging from concerts and festivals to weddings and children's birthdays.

 Particularly fond of weddings, he enjoys guiding diverse crowds through musical journeys across time due to the broad age range of guests typically found at such events.

 Looking ahead, DJ B-Eley aspires to expand his business annually, aiming to take on more events than the previous year while continually seeking out new audiences to entertain. 

He eagerly anticipates the opportunity to provide top-notch sound and entertainment at your upcoming event.