Fin The Dj

Emerging from the underground rap scene, Finian St. Omer, previously known as Chaundon (of the Justus League), has embarked on a new journey within the music industry by embracing the role of a DJ.

 His venture as Fin The DJ began in 2016 in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area, initially starting at The Bar Bar Shop in Raleigh, NC. His talent quickly gained recognition, leading to DJ opportunities at Pack-A-Palooza on NC State’s campus and a residency at Skyzone Trampoline Park.

 With a growing reputation, Fin The DJ expanded his performances to include Duke University, NC State, and various corporate events throughout North Carolina. 

His skillful entertainment and diverse musical prowess have earned him bookings for weddings and private parties through positive word of mouth from corporate clients.

 Known for his dynamic and engaging style, Fin The DJ's performances are characterized by an extensive music collection that electrifies crowds and keeps them on the dance floor. Through a blend of business savvy, charisma, and high-energy performances, Fin The DJ continues to establish himself as a top DJ in the industry.